Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Delivering Japanese beef (Kuroge Wagyu) we are proud of


Rib-roast is the most brilliant cut of marbled beef with vibrant color. Additionally, it is very tender with a rich taste. A first-class cut, good for Sukiyaki. More marbled than sirloin, it has a bit more fat and thin lines of sinew, so we don’t recommend it as a steak. Mainly for Japanese-style barbecue as a specialty roast.



Sirloin is the softest and expensive cut of marbled meat, which ranks with filet mignon, and good for steak. No sinewy lines, when having a big cut, you can experience a strong taste of beef and tenderness.


Filet mignon…¥24000(1kg)

Filet mignon is the most expensive cut and is very tender. Filet mignon is red, so if overcooked, the juices run out making it dry. Therefore, it’s best as a thick cut. Also, close to the tail, it’s easy to find marbled cuts. It’s recommended for Japanese-style barbecue.

Filet mignon


Of all the cuts, it’s the most beautifully-marbled and tender, but there are also some sinewy and tough parts. Basically, high-class cuts are taken from this part. If we cut using a slicer, it includes unwanted parts, so we cut by hand to ensure the choicest cuts are used. Chuck is good for sukiyaki and shabu shabu. That’s why it’s our top-seller in winter.